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Aerolyne Reed

Aerolyne Reed is a writer and she does not consider herself as anyone special. She thinks she is just another sound, lost in a multitude of voices, just another soul adrift in the aetherial sea. Yet,

Dan Nguyen

Dan is currently a researcher based in Scotland and supported by European Commission's Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grant. Dan's academic and activism interests are centred on civil soc

Quynh-Vi Tran

Quynh-Vi was a litigation lawyer in California before becoming a democracy advocate and journalist in 2015. She is also a strong advocate for abolishing the death penalty.

Shiwei Ye

Asia-based independent human rights analyst, strategy advisor, trainer, and civil society consultant.

Trinh Huu Long

A journalist and democracy advocate at @luatkhoatapchi and @thevnmesemag magazines. He's also a co-director of Legal Initiatives for Vietnam, a nonprofit organization that runs The Vietnamese.