The Vietnamese Magazine Turns Four

The Vietnamese Magazine Turns Four

To our readers,

Today, November 8, 2021, The Vietnamese Magazine turns four. We are very grateful to our readers who genuinely care about the human rights situation in Vietnam. With that, we are very happy to introduce a new website for the magazine which runs on the platform. This platform allows us to focus more on content making instead of technology and you can sign up to receive our articles via newsletter.

This month, we also call on our readers and our dear friends to write a letter to journalist Pham Doan Trang. As you may know, Doan Trang is a co-founder of The Vietnamese Magazine and also a member of our editorial team. She was arrested in October 2020 and has been held in detention since. Her trial date was set but the government put it on hold indefinitely. She is in prison and we do not know if your letters will reach her right now. But, we also believe that her family and her lawyers will know of this support and eventually, Doan Trang will know as well.

Please follow these instructions to send letters to Doan Trang:

You can directly mail your letter to her at:

  • Pham Thi Doan Trang, Hanoi Detention Center No. 1, Lane 702, Phuc Dien, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam.  Prisoner number: 4661 V1-M2 (M5).
  • In Vietnamese: Phạm Thị Đoan Trang, Trại Giam Số 1 Hà Nội, Ngõ 702, Phúc Diễn, Quận Nam Từ Liêm, TP. Hà Nội, Việt Nam. Số Giam: 4661 V1-M2 (M5).

You can also send her a message here: or you can follow these steps to create your own postcards. Learn more about Pham Doan Trang here.


Tran Quynh-Vi


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