Join the Conversation: The Vietnamese Magazine Seeks Engaging Pitches

Join the Conversation: The Vietnamese Magazine Seeks Engaging Pitches

Dear Readers and Writers,

We want to extend our sincerest apologies for the irregular publication schedule of The Vietnamese Magazine over the past year. We understand this may have caused inconvenience, and we deeply regret any disruption to your reading experience. However, we are thrilled to bring you some exciting news.

As of June 15, 2023, we have restructured our operations and implemented a new working scheme for our magazine.

We are now actively seeking contributions from talented freelancers to submit their pitches and work on articles and other formats that will be featured on our platform.

The Vietnamese Magazine was founded with a clear mission - to serve as a platform for everyone who shares our dreams, visions, and daily struggles for Vietnam as a democratic country where the rule of law and human rights are respected.

We believe in amplifying the voices of those who seek to bring their issues to the world stage.

Like many of you, we have noticed the limited representation of the human rights situation and political landscape in the Global South, particularly Vietnam, on the global platform.

English writings have not adequately discussed critical issues concerning Vietnamese people.

This is the perfect opportunity to submit your pitches and contribute to shedding light on these people's most pressing concerns regarding human rights, democracy, and political matters.

Please note that The Vietnamese Magazine typically do not publish time-sensitive or breaking news in a magazine.

Our editorial team meets weekly to review pitches, so it may take up to one week to respond to your submission. Once a pitch is accepted, publishing the article usually takes one to two weeks. Please understand that our team comprises freelance and part-time staff, which may affect our response time.

We will also announce specific calls for pitches on particular themes throughout the year and update you on such opportunities.

Our Rates:

  • US$200 for written pieces (approximately 1,500 words)
  • US$200 for 7-10 minute (edited) video clips with English subtitles
  • US$200 for a recorded op-ed or interview

Invoices should be submitted after the article has been published on our website. We are committed to ensuring timely and prompt payment for your work.

Pitch Format:

Please provide the following information in an email to both and

  • Your name.
  • The section you are pitching to (written or video).
  • Specify your idea and the angle for your story (please be as specific as possible).
  • Sources: Please provide the individuals you could potentially interview or have access to.
  • What makes this story exciting or insightful?
  • Please estimate the date for submitting the first draft.
  • Will you submit photographs with the article, taken by you or someone else?
  • Please include any links to your previously published articles or videos.

We greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to The Vietnamese Magazine. Together, we can bring untold stories to the forefront and contribute to a better understanding of the issues that matter most.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.


Quynh-Vi Tran, MS 2023 Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

Editor-in-Chief for The Vietnamese Magazine

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