New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Equity, Transparency, and Accountability in Asia

New Report Sheds Light on Vaccine Equity, Transparency, and Accountability in Asia

In a recent co-created research project spearheaded by Innovation for Change - East Asia, a comprehensive report has been released, delving into the crucial aspects of vaccine transparency and accountability across Asia. The study, conducted from the last quarter of 2022 to mid-2023, involved collaboration with 11 researchers spanning Southeast, South, and Central Asia. Its primary focus was to examine the role of vaccine access in relation to equity, diplomacy, transparency, accountability, and the initial reliance on Chinese-made vaccines.

Titled "VACCINE EQUITY, TRANSPARENCY, AND ACCOUNTABILITY IN ASIA: Realities and Dilemmas," the report is the culmination of joint efforts by Innovation for Change - South Asia and Innovation for Change - Central Asia. Presented in English, it offers a comprehensive synthesis of findings along with a series of infographics accompanying each country report (with a Simplified Chinese translation of the reported synthesis and infographics to be made available soon).

The report aims to shed light on the lived experiences on the ground within each focus country, highlighting disparities in vaccine access and prompting critical questions that demand responses from those in positions of authority. As key stakeholders, civil society will continue to hold duty-bearers accountable for addressing these issues.

Interested readers can now access and peruse the full report by visiting this link.

Please visit here for more information on the research, including access to the reported synthesis, individual country reports, and accompanying infographics.

Stay informed and join the conversation by following the hashtags: #VTAReport #I4CEastAsia #InnovationforChange

This comprehensive report serves as a significant resource for policymakers, researchers, and advocates, fostering dialogue and catalyzing efforts towards achieving vaccine equity, transparency, and accountability in Asia.

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