Armed Group Launches Attack on Government Headquarters in Dak Lak Province

Armed Group Launches Attack on Government Headquarters in Dak Lak Province

In a shocking turn of events, an armed group launched a brazen attack on the government headquarters in the Ea Tieu and Ea Ktur communes of Cu Kuin District, Dak Lak Province. Here is an overview of the events.

Please note that this is an ongoing news story, and we last updated the information on June 11, 2023, in the evening of Vietnam time.

Early in the morning on June 11, an unidentified group of individuals wielding firearms carried out a violent assault on the police headquarters situated in Ea Tieu and Ea Ktur communes. The attack claimed the lives of several officers and civilians while also leaving numerous others injured. The Ministry of Public Security responded quickly and reported the arrest of six suspects in connection with the attack. Moreover, the police successfully rescued two hostages, as confirmed by the Vietnam News Agency.

The nation stands in shock and disbelief at this act of violence. However, the flow of information regarding the incident has been frustratingly scarce, with the press and government relying solely on sources provided by the Ministry of Public Security and the Vietnam News Agency. Additionally, it is disconcerting to note that specific crucial details have been removed or altered, raising questions about this incident's transparency.

Regrettably, an article published on VnExpress containing vital supplementary information has been either deleted or modified. However, before its removal, the article shed light on critical details related to the attack:

  • The attack occurred at approximately 0:35 am on June 11.
  • Around ten individuals riding motorcycles launched an assault on the People's Committee headquarters and the police station in Ea Tieu Commune. Two police officers lost their lives during this initial phase of the attack. The perpetrators then intercepted a pickup truck, allegedly executing the driver. Simultaneously, another group targeted the People's Committee headquarters and the police station in Ea Ktur Commune, resulting in the deaths of three officials and three innocent bystanders. Unfortunately, there is no possible method to verify these alleged facts.

To fully comprehend the circumstances surrounding this devastating attack, it is essential to consider the socio-political context within which the Ea Tieu and Ea Ktur communes exist.


The following information is not necessarily related to this attack. Still, the socio-political context in the two communes mentioned above is two adjacent communes in Cu Kuin District. The district has recently seen a number of land confiscations and attacks on religious groups. In addition, Nguyen Van Tuan of the Tien Phong newspaper received death threats from anonymous calls in May 2023 for his reporting on land disputes in the area.

These areas have recently been entangled in a series of controversial construction projects, including the Ho Chi Minh Road Project and the planned Trung Hoa New Urban Area. These initiatives involve recovering agricultural land from coffee companies, triggering disputes and illegal encroachments. Recent incidents of forced dismantling and voluntary land transfers have also complicated the situation.

The Ho Chi Minh Road Project involves the bypass road east of the city, Buon Ma Thuot, with a length of more than 39km, and has a total budget of more than 1,500 billion dong. The project was approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Investment Project Management Board of Transport and Agriculture, with the Rural Development Department in Dak Lak province as an investor. However, this project passes through agricultural land parcels that are managed by several coffee companies right now. These coffee companies are contracting these lands to coffee growers who are farming households.

This planned project is located in these two communes. The government is expected to recover agricultural land from several coffee companies along National Highway 27 to build a new urban area. According to state media, since the planning of this urban area, the situation has worsened. With the increase in land prices in this area, many households who are cultivating these agricultural lands have transferred some land plots to investors and speculators. There are up to 500 cases of illegal encroachment, purchase, sale, use of land, and construction of houses on agricultural land managed by coffee companies, with many households located in the planned area.

  • Religious Tensions

Furthermore, religious tensions have been reported in Cu Kuin District, particularly involving Protestant groups and the United Front for the Liberation of Oppressed Races (FULRO). Although the direct correlation between these religious issues and the attack remains uncertain, the background of such tensions in the region is worth noting.

The Vietnamese Magazine's Take:

(Note: Our view is just one view of many. If you have comments, write to us at

In light of the limited and controlled flow of information, concerns about transparency and potential human rights abuses have arisen. The mainstream media's reliance on official sources has left the public with an incomplete understanding of the incident. Furthermore, there are apprehensions regarding the treatment of the arrested suspects and the possibility of forced confessions. The framing of the incident as a terrorist act may overshadow crucial considerations, including the motivations behind the attack.

Certain pro-government websites have alluded to a religious connection, specifically implicating FULRO and religious groups in the area. These sites offer no evidence that we can independently verify. In light of such unfounded accusations in the past, such baseless claims have the potential to target religious communities, particularly Protestant groups, unjustly.

As the nation grapples with this tragic event, striving for transparency, protecting human rights, and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of what happened is imperative.

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